Summer Heatwave

It’s bloody hot

The sun is down

Not a cloud mares the night

The termostat has not budged

Is there no end in sight

Another long hot humid night


Night works

We got a notice

The other day

Popped in the letter box.


We’re coming along

Your street this week

Doing some night works.


I forgot

As I often do

Until they rock on up


Lights flashing

Music temporarily blaring

Engines moaning softly


Not too bad

On most cool nights

Curtains I can shut


But oh the night

They pull right up

Outside my bedroom window


Oh this night

Just happens to be

The hotest night


No air conditioning

Have we

Curtains I must now shut


A holiday night

It’s 8:24pm

On a week day holiday night

I’m tucked up in my newly made bed

Sore feet resting up for tomorrow’s plight.

They’ve been sore for a good three weeks now

And they will for another few days delight

With their pain and their aching symptoms

Until the doctor gets a sight.


I used to have calm holidays

Time to take lots of care

But now I am studying

That time has slipped else where.



Why do I work all day

Family in the afternoon

Study for 3 hours each night?

Turn out the light exhausted

And promptly drift to sleep?

I wonder why each night

As I set up for my effort

Dragging my tired brain

Logging on to an online lecture

In person, lectures often

Sent me off to quiet dream time

Now I am voluntarily .

Logging on, with no one to see

Sound on mute

Eyes struggling to stay open

Camera on, just so that I cannot fall asleep.

Why do I put myself through this nightly?

A bucket list idea,

I simply want a Masters, not a PhD!

The truth,

I enjoy the study

Despite the weary eyes

Learning new information

New fasinating ideas

Broadening the mind

Challenging perspectives

Getting that grey matter

To seek out ways to improve

It’s sometimes much more fun

Than that fortnightly paycheck

So tomorrow, I’ll look forward

To the next topic on the list

And I guess I’ll keep on studying

A bit longer now at least.

She is burning


She is burning

Both on the ground and in the air.

100 plus bush fires devouring

Any grass tree or gum in their paths.

Up and down the coast line

From Brisbane down south,

To way north of Cairns,

Smoke haze fills the sky.

Almost 7000 km available to burn

In this most unusual heatwave

That’s sucking water from everywhere.

Normally at this time of year,

Yes Queensland’s all a swelter

We bitch and moan and hide out

In our refrigerated air.

The humidity is something fierce

Sweat pours out of all our skin

And drips in the most uncomfortable

Places – it can be embarrassing.

This time, it’s some what different

The weather’s in reverse

There is no clouds to mar the sky

No welcome fall of rain

The humidity is so very low

It is just pure and burning heat.

Bring back some gastly humidity

To bring the rain and it’s relief.



We have this thing in Aus,

This thing that we call Nippers

And every Sunday for 6 months

The beaches are crowded

Aged from ankle biting

To teenage sauve and sophisticated

These fluro pink vested kids

Jump up and run for Flags

They sprint the beach

They swim through waves

They perform mock tube rescues

Their leaders point them into surf

And back out again for fun.

These fearless kids

Learn all sorts

From swimming to first aid.

These groups of kids that pack the sand

They are our surf life saving “Nippers”.



For those not from Australia – “kids” is a colloquial word for children and “nippers” is another Aussie term for children (usually the smaller variety).


The wind


From the west

Dust and heat

It carries.

Flares tempers

At the end of year

Many changes

Fast approaching



Out the door

New comforts

Yet to find




Students erupt

Feeding off tension

Or just tired.

3 weeks left

So much to do

One step in front of the other

Reign in that temper

We are all the same

Tired, busy



Next year will bring

Comfort once more

New friendships will be defined

New traditions developed

New doorways to find


It will be fine.


End of a school year

It’s rocking on to end of year

We’re all getting a little tired

The aches and pains are catching up

The marking pile grows higher

The last competition of the year

Awards nights, arts, sports and academic

The year 12 students are almost out the door

The 10s and 11s to follow soon after

And when the doors shut on the last day

It’s not a day of exhaustion

Parties visits intersect with next years preparation


My Doc

I really like my doctor

Her acent is devine

She used to be not busy

Now to see her there is a line.


I have wonderful friends

They are bright and kind and cheerful

Spending time with them

Makes my dramas fade away

It is always fanastic

To catch up with distant folk

The ones that mean so much to me

That tolerate my remotes

I can get quite isolated

Not by force but by my choice

I find I need my me time

After dealing with so many folk

By the end of term I am drained

Empty of brains and emotions

The thought of conversations

Stimulating or other kinds

Just leaves me hollow and sunken

A shell with nothing inside.

I force myself to be social

To not cut off friends dear

But I can admit to dreading

Visits from these friends I fear.

One day it will be different

One day I’ll look forward to with love

And passion and excitement

but for now

Finding conversation of any kind is hard

To string the words together

Coherence I fail to find.