A wander up the beach one day

Releaved a lonely scene

A partly eroded shell

Upon the beach for all to see.

Is this shell lonely?

Or is it happily,

Having some alone time

Content to simply be?


Too many things

Life should be immortal for all

For how do we fit all those things

That we want to do

Trips we want to take

And live our life to be better


Weekend Blues

I’m busy night and day

Five days of the long working week

I teach, plan, mark co-ordinate

Ring parents, visit students

and ocasionally get to grade.

I walk steps on the counter

That number close to 10 000

I cart packs and smile

Greeting each child

Then comes the weekend

And it’s slowed down pace

With it settles an unsettled feeling

So long I’ve been busy

That in this quiet morning retrieve

I have time to ponder, to rest and reflect

And that is not always for the best

Is my path right?

Which way should I go?

Should the path run straight forward,

Route obvious?

Or should I plunge down the temptation of a side road?

Take a jump off the cliff face and see where I fall?

Weekends allow time for doubt to creep in

Questions to pose with no answers that come

Along comes the week days

And I am back to my fun.

The Surprise

My aunt, she is a gardener

Her green fingers are extraordinary

She gave me this dreary plant

Long leafed and quite ordinary

There was nothing that exciting

About the lanky plant in basket

Until I opened up the door one day

And my mind was blown completely away

This brilliant flower graced my view.

Several hanging baskets later

My aunt’s green thumb has not dissipated

Heaps of differently beautiful flowers

Now exist in my hanging baskets.





The daily hug

“Have you hugged your child today?”

A billboard sign was posted.

My mother took that board to heart

A family line was toasted.

Each day, each morning, each afternoon

A hug was freely given.

Now my day does not start true

Until I hug my children.


249 or so

Poems I have self published

I no longer use the daily prompts

My mornings are too busy

So now I find a block of time

And tap away at the keyboard.

Dreary days work the best

For poetry to flow from fingers.

But now after a day of scheduling

A few weeks more worth of posts

My ideas are drained and slowing down

I have no more to write of

Hopefully this last batch will do

Until the next sunless day arrives.

But given that it’s winter time,

In warm and sunny Brisbane,

The cloudy days are going to be few

So I guess I will just have to do some sunshine writing.

Hopefully more ideas will come

In the next week or two.

I’ve taken the plunge

I did it

I’ve done

What for me is an amazing thing

I’ve taken the plunge

I’ve submitted a blog

For publishment and payment

Now the wait has begun

In this world of the instant

I will be forced to wait

Success I will be told of

Failure never.

Is that bone?

Oh boy oh boy oh boy

It really is unbelievable

Everyone is going well

No broken bones to speak of

The house is reasonably tidy

The washing is almost done

The dinner has been planned and prepped

The afternoon is rolling on.

“Hey Mum,” I hear the call

In concerned yet confusing tones

“Oh crap” I wispher now as a child interupts me

“Is this tooth like thing a bone?”

“I was chewing on my lunch right now,

And out pops this hard round thing”

“Did you have a loose tooth” I ask.

“Nope, I think my mouth is bleeding.”

“Oh crap it’s the weekend afternoon

No dentist to be found”


Thanks Patty

Trying too hard Hanging on too tight Won’t save you the heartache The pain at midnight. She’ll walk out regardless It’s not about you She has places to go She has things to do. The longing, the craving Get ahold of yourself Stop being so needy Take care of yourself. Whining and sulking Makes you […]

via TRYING TOO HARD — lovenlosses

This is a thought provoking poem for people out there.  For me it speaks of acheivements, pathways and self awareness journeys.  Hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Thanks Patty for allowing me to share.

Bank Balance

It’s a dreary sort of day

A bird chirps in a tree

A car drives up the road

And I wish I could be free.

Life feels like a prison

With every day the same,

I do not forfil my dreams

Instead I follow a trodden path

Of shoulds and can’s and can’ts.

Should is quite frankly boring

And can and can’t are overrated

I’d really love to fly

To not turn up to work one day

And not give a reason why

I’d love to say no to bills

And eat Pizza breakfast, lunch and tea


I’d love to quit my job

Although I like it fine

I just want to be riducolous

And see if I could survive

To throw in all that security

And set off for worlds unfound

To have nothing more than a backpack

Laptop, and money galore

Perhaps that’s why I haven’t

Ever taken the plunge

I do not have the bank balance

To simply have that much fun.