A moral Compass

I have a compass

A moral one

To do the right

And not the wrong


But with this needle

Comes some grief

For right is hard

And long and tiring


This arrow points in one direction

It never moves

And never quivers

And thus I do what’s right


For those who fall off the path

I congratulate your ability

To throw that compass

Out of the door


For those who change direction

I’d really like to know

Just how you did it

And why it does not pain you so?

6 Comments on “A moral Compass

  1. It pains me. I became a real asshole when I was younger. I got beat up every day, made fun of. Since Elementary… Into high school. I started fighting back. Won some, lost some. Then I started the fights. Anyone that was a bully or had an attitude around me, deserved my special attention. I became a really violent druggy ass. I changed that moral compass. I would like to say I did it all for the good of others. But that wasn’t true… I feel pain every day for it.


  2. Far too many individuals (some in powerful positions) ignore their moral compass, to the detriment of all. Compassion, morality and equality are all concepts that are no longer ‘taught’ (in schools or at home) and, as a society we’re suffering terribly as a result. Lovely poem – may I share (reblog)?


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