Daily Prompt: Miraculous

Miraculous is quite a word

It does inspire the views of miracles

And a miracle is coming up to us

Creaping, seeping and incideous

It is the one that says spend your money.

“Give every one you know

A gift, then food and now your time

It’s Christmas and the season for parties, gifts and busy.”


It started out just sharing food

A time for family to come together

To celebrate the birth of Jesus

This miraculous child of Mary

And now it’s grown so much more

To be a celebration of giving


The growth is to such a point

That I often wonder if

Many of us who celebrate

Actually know the reason.


I know a family of many kids

And Christmas time is costly

The parents are amazingly clever

And in their stockings did go

The sorts of foods that we do love

And many of us eat daily

But these foods were just too

Expensive for a family of eleven.


So once a year each child did get

Something they did not have to share

But nothing else, the sock was empty

No big gifts were afforded.

So just how special was this day for them

In a family where sharing was so normal

To have one thing, just once a year

Where to the owner it was quite exceptional

A tasty morsal, devine and heavenly and no spliting with the siblings


In this season where we often forget

And are ruled by the mighty dollar

Perhaps we need to stop and say

It’s not the gifts but the giving

And if we could do that across the world

Another Christmas miracle woud be in the making.



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