What ifs

I often spend time daydreaming

I am a writer after all

I day dream about lots of stuff

Stories, poems, heroic actions

And then there are the other dreams

The dreams that come unbidden to me

These are the ones that aren’t so fun

One day, I will get a super difficult one.

I day dream lots of useless what ifs

What if this happened or what if that

Where will we live in five years time

Where will we travel when we get the dime

None of these, my husband dear

Tells me are of use,

That’s what I hear

And he is right

Life will be will be

As long as we will pick a dream and work  to thee

But I cannot stop dreaming constantly of the future

A thousand different what ifs present

A thousand different lives to live

I wish I could stop doing this

Pick a goal and work to it

Alas I tried, it is not me

I guess what if day dreams

I will continue to see.

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