Left in the Cracks

There is a sad state of affairs

And it concerns our children

That the quiet ones get forgotten

These kids get left in the cracks

The noisy ones get noticed

The noisy ones get help

The noisy ones, squeak the wheel

Their problems in our faces.

The quite ones get left behind

Their problems no one places.

And nobody percieves to mind

These lost and lonesome cases.

How do we help these children

That we can barely find?

How do we help these children

Caught up in their own big binds?

You see in edcuation

There is a little noticed fact

That if you are quiet and lack in making trouble

You slip down through the gaps.

Yet this unofficial loophole

Is devastating to these kids

And it is our responsiblity

To raise the bar and lift the lid.

We need to notice the children

So we can help them through

The tough problems that life throws at them

And lift their hearts and souls and brains

To help them cope with being maimed.


via Daily Prompt: Loophole

8 Comments on “Left in the Cracks

  1. Far too true, and a sad state of affairs. Here in Canada they’ve remove educational support programs for gifted students to put more money into programs for students with ‘special needs’; I don’t debate that special needs children need support but the gifted ones should have resources as well to help them fulfill their destinies (they will, after all, most probably be the leaders of our country in the future).

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