Simple Things

A cancer diagnosis

Really takes the pip

The doc

The call

The yep “you could die”

It’s a shock to say the least.


Now not all diagnoses

End a life

Thank God

However when a Doc

Says those fateful words

“Your prognosis is…”

You suddenly and shockingly realise

That death could be quite near.

The world it stops.  Time does too

As you vainly try to listen

But the words the doc says

Are miles away, dim and dark and fading echos.


I survived my cancer

As many of us do

But spare a thought for all those who don’t

They have had to learn what many of us won’t

For it is not a battle with cancer

The beast will often win

But it is a journey to major in

Living a life most valid

Of family, smiles, hugs and fears

Of joy and pleasures amongsts some tears

Of learning to enjoy yourself the best you can

Of the simple things that make life grand.


So wishing all you people

The very best of luck and love

May this journey be survival

For that outcome is the best.

But if you don’t get lucky

Then make this journey yours

Fill your days with all you wonder for

Long for and lust for

and want in spades more.



via Daily Prompt: Shock


A little explanation:  I was very lucky with my cancer that the location and characteristics had a very high chance of complete recovery.  My heart truly does recognise that I was so incredibly lucky and others are not. Reguardless, the most shocked I have been in my life was when the doctor called me up and told me I had a potentially deadly form of cancer.  Life was suddenly not some abstract concept that could go on for years.  It could end.

8 Comments on “Simple Things

  1. Another beautiful, moving piece. Glad to know you are healthy now but can understand your shock at receiving such news. I suppose there is no ‘easy’ way for doctors to say it.

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