Hooked on Blogging

I type the poem

Hit the publish

And watch for numbers to rise


Oh no!

It’s been like 2 minutes

And no one’s read my poem


Oh no!

I checked the Facebook

Read three posts

Must go back and check


Oh no!

Still no views

What am I to do?


I’ll read a few blogs

About how to attract

More views to your blog


Oh Sigh…

It’s only been ten minutes

Too fast a reader am I


I’ll have my breaky

And hang out some washing

And read a book to boot.


Oh Wow!

See what happens

When you give a blog post some time


40 views today


10 Comments on “Hooked on Blogging

  1. I find is somewhat fascinating that some posts get lots of views, likes, etc. and others (the ones I think are actually better and/or would draw a wider audience) get less. The world of blog post readers is a fickle one, for sure!


  2. They will grow, those views…some days. Other days, they’ll be nowhere to be found. Keep your head down, eyes on what you’re doing. Your art will develop and the readers will come.

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