Differently wired brains

I’m back to teaching

And it really sucks

But not because of the workload


The kids as usual

Are awesome and fun

I really love being in the classroom


But the sad and true facts

Are I am teaching

Young teenagers

Who cannot count

Who cannot add up ten plus ten

Who cannot count to fifty.


I am teaching students

Who have been lost

By the education departments

Trying to catch them up

All they have missed out on

Seven plus years of work


It’s too easy to blame the primary schools

And I tell you, it’s not their fault.

Teachers try their best, where ever they are

It doesn’t matter what inteventions.

There is so little funding for those who fall behind

There is so little help in a class of over twenty.

We all do our best

Spend hours in planning

And devising the lessons that

We hope will allow

A struggling child to

See and link into

Their own knowledge.

But we fail all the time

Or perhaps we just don’t succeed

And then what about these children

They either act out

And then get suspended

Or are silent

And struggle on their own.


My heart bleeds for these souls

That struggle in class

To understand basic communications.

The world in that classroom

Is not understood.

How differently wired are their brains?

And I wonder why

When what did not work before

Is simply what we try again.

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