Evolution of a teacher

I stand, timid

In front of class

My first lesson,

A teacher.

I stand, breathe deep

And my voice speaks


I stand, nerves rioting

In front of school

My first assembly,

A presenter.

I stand, grip lecture

And my voice does not quake.


I stand, years later

In front of class


A leader,

A conveyor of Knowledge.

via Daily Prompt: Conveyor

4 Comments on “Evolution of a teacher

  1. I remember my first class well, and my first presentation in front of a larger group. Its amazing how much you ‘grow into’ the job, isn’t it? I still miss the classroom environment (I retired in 2010 – due more to college politics and student ‘entitlement’ issues than a lack of love for the job) and being a conveyor of knowledge.

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  2. I loved this!!! I relate to it fully, the first two semester teaching at a university were so nerve wracking for me! But I fell in love with being a “conveyor of knowledge” 🤓😬🙏


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