The puzzle of life

Puzzled is as puzzled does

I am quite frequently puzzled.

Why do some act that way,

Creating a permanent quest for understanding.

I have a student, he’s a really great kid

But he has some humongous struggles.

He fights each day just to live

Chronic dysfunction is his normal.

He cannot be judged by society means

That just creates a quandry

To understand this lad, adjust your focus

Frame everything for protection

How would you protect the one most dear

The one you loved the most

And finally you start to unravel

The complexities that are this child.

My dearest hope but hopeless it is

Is to be able to meet his needs.

Saddly to help him, I have to help others

And if they see the need, are unable to help themselves.



via Daily Prompt: Puzzled

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