Daily Prompt: Creature

We live in this world

Where we know what we know

And we know that there is more we don’t.


Yet why do some believe

And why do some insist

That the only creatures there are; the ones that we know exist.


I was just a wee lass

When I saw my first soul

A wee scary Casper the ghost on a loo.


And I’ll admit

That that Casper

Was probably constructed inside my imagination


But the others were most certainly not.

My Grandfather, my father in law

The little girl at the foot of Mum’s bed

Ex humans in ex human form

Are not souls potentially creatures we just don’t understand.


(My Grandparents had an outdoor toilet.  On a dark and foggy night, I went and there was a scary Casper the ghost!  Pretty certain I just imagined that as no one else has ever claimed that toilet was haunted by anything other than a couple of green tree frogs.)

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