Enrolling in Education

I will never fully understand

The privilage it is to enroll

To enlist, to subscribe

To participate in the education

That I have obtained.

In my life it is expected

To do your very best

To succeed in education,

It’s there,

Just waiting.

I had to enroll in primary school

I had to go to high school

I chose to go to univeristy

I choice I have made four times now.

I did not have to fight

To obtain any of these things

It was simply expected

Governmentally legislated

Parentally demanded.

So what about the people

Who cannot access that.

And even if they dream it

Enrolling in school does not

Prevent the five or more miles

Needed to travel just one way,

Or the simple fact

That feeding the family is their job today.


Enrolling in education is more precious than I can define

And it is a pity that world over

Some will never have that find.


via Daily Prompt: Enroll

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