Blogger Recognition Award

A couple of days ago a blogger that mutually follows me, nominated me for the Blogger Recongition Award. Thank you to Isha Garg for recognising my blog.

I have some rules for the content that I follow on WordPress.  Firstly that I must actually enjoy reading the work, I must be interested in the majority of topics and it must be relatively error free (but not perfectly because then I wouldn’t be able to follow myself :-)).  Another rule that I have is to not publish content unrelated to the goals of my blog which makes this post somewhat difficult.  I have come up with a solution to that.

Rules set by others I am not good to follow

I tend to ignore and drop them in hollows.

Thus if you want to know the rules of

Blogger Regonition Award, read here

And let me get on with the words that I hear.

I advise new bloggers

To do what they do best

And do not hog the interweb

With poor grammar and punctuation

I feel that I can harp on about the lack of elocution

Because a Teacher, I am

And, in poetry I write

So I can invent the rules of the land.

My nomiations that I give

Are as the following goes

  1. Raising Mom – because this I have also done
  2. How not to run a Marathon – because I am aiming for one (S    l    o   w    y)
  3. Rough Bandit – because a laugh is always good
  4. Louise Foerster – because somehow she finds time to write
  5. Graffiti Lux and Murals – because she makes street art look really good
  6. Walking with Aki – because I want to have to wear grippy things to go walking on ice (but I live in the sub tropics 😦 )
  7. The party is Sober – because it takes so much courage to talk about the darkest times
  8. Armed with a Keyboard – because she makes me think that I can take on anything (and that my keyboard is my weapon!)
  9. Two Roads Farm – because one of these days I will have chooks (Chickens) too.
  10. Our Girl in Zurich – because she wants to do 40 things before 40!
  11. The Nerdy Lion – because perhaps we should have a nerdy zoo as well – (Nerds Rule!)
  12. The Ceaseless Reader Writes – because if he reads all the time, how does he have time to write!
  13. Be Blogger (Official) – For the good advice
  14. The Cat Chronicles – because every cat should have a voice
  15. Bjorn Rudbergs writing – Just because I like his work


So now I can go and loosely follow

The last rule of this award.

My nominees are all good writers

And I hope that you readers are all good likers.



(Okay – I will give up on the verse!)

4 Comments on “Blogger Recognition Award

  1. Thank you so much for your nomination. I know that most people who read my blog have probably had a similar situation. This blog came about for my personal therapy and I realize that there are others benefitting from it as well.
    Keep writing, thank you once again

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you, KJ! I’m honored and humbled that you chose to nominate me but respectfully decline to accept.

    Last year, over the course of exactly 1 month, I was nominated for 5 Blogger Awards; Mystery Blogger & Versatile Blogger, both of which I accepted and did the work to earn; and Unique Blogger, Real Neat Blog, & Liebster Award, all of which I started drafts on but never finished. When I realized how much time it was taking me to do the work necessary to accept the awards, I decided it was taking too much time away from actually blogging and accomplishing what I wanted to accomplish with my blog, so I decided going forward I would simply thank bloggers when they nominate me but politely decline to accept.

    In no way do I intend to demean Blogger Awards or Bloggers who accept them. I recognize their importance in helping Bloggers to get recognition. I feel like I do my share in that regard by routinely engaging with Bloggers via comments, recommending other Bloggers in my own posts or by reblogging, and frequently interacting with the community via Daily Post, the Community Pool, and other writing prompts.

    Thank you again, and keep up the great work!


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