Because I choose

Some days I feel like a rube

A naive and gentle soul

Lost in the great big world

And it’s slowly getting old.

I am a person with feeling

I am a person who cares

I am a person with passion

For the people in my care.

I have no time for politics

And socialising is hard to do

I just want to do my job

And not be ignored by you.

I can battle with the best of them

A politician I could make

But just because I choose

To ignore the games you play

Does not make me a bumpkin

It simply makes me one who cares

Not what others think.

I want to do my job

And I want to do it without the politics.

So let me not play the game

And yet make progress too

Because just because I don’t answer

To the old school ties rule.

Does not mean that I

Am not as good as you.


via Daily Prompt: Rube

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