Not too late?

Hurtful hurtful hate filled phrases

Uttered every hate filled day

Do you not understand

How those things you say –

Affect some who can?

Why do you use words of power

Without knowing what sword you thrust

Into the heart and mind of others

Friends you talk to every day.

Is respect so hard to utter?

Is respect that hard to find?

Why is it that you do not care

When one says


Your friend no least

You ignore and ignore

You turn into a beast

A beast you do not know exists

A beast when pointed out

You recoil

But habits can be hard to break

I hope for you it is not too late.

One Comment on “Not too late?

  1. So well said and so relevant to what’s going on today. Seems like so many have forgotten the impact their words and deeds have on others and eventually their own lives. Thank you for the timely post and reminder.

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