Imagination is my play

Imagination should be easy

To post about today

Afterall I am a writer

Imagination is my play

But how do you break down this word

That allows the mind to fly

Invent new worlds and recreate

The worlds that have gone before

How can I describe the vistas in my head

I don’t see the worlds in my imagination

I don’t read them

They are not images

Alas I could not describe

The beauty of my heroines

The beauty of the skys.

I do not see the world

As I think others see it.

The stories that I create

Are in the characters that I make

The colour of the hair

The alabaster skin

All these things irelevant

When I imagine, I move in.

I become the hero

The heroine, the star

I become the story

My worlds a hidden space.

I do not see the sunsets

I simply know that they are there

And as for those pesky villians

It is their attitude that I cannot spare

I feel the story, feel the worlds

The heat onto my skin

I feel more so than see anything

Related to my sin.

For I can and have imagined

Through every single thing

And when I call it day dreaming

I simply am not in.


via Daily Prompt: Imagination

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