Small gains hiding

Teaching’s hard

We know the gig

The prep,

The delivery,

And the marking.

Whilst all this

Takes some time

The truth is that it’s easy.


Students dears,

Read this well

I’ve had many years of teaching;

Temper tantrums

Silent or loud

Are simply not attractive

Just because you don’t get to do

What you want, immediately

Head banging against brick walls

Only kills more brain cells

The truth is you learnt to do

That behaviour

To get your own way.

Well buddy I got news for you

I am capable of ignoring

Kill those cells, you’ve plenty to lose

Rumour has it we only use 10% anyway.

Keep hitting your hand

Into concrete

Perhaps one day you’ll break it

And then you get what you want

To not come into the classroom

Those classmates of yours

Can have a break

From your self-serving company.


After a lesson of all this crap

And it is time to sit and sigh

Your teacher realises you have improved;

It is sad that on reflection

This time at least you came into class

The last you made it nowhere.


It is the small gains we need to remember

They are often hidden in the bad.

Watch close and reflect

You find them hiding

Each lesson minutely better than the last

5 Comments on “Small gains hiding

    • Not my best poem but a necessary rant. I used to be a non teacher aons ago and I would not have believed some of the behaviours that students are allowed to get away with. Thanks


  1. My hat is off to all the teachers out there. It’s a tough job, and although the rewards may be there, the headaches are too.


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