I’m adulted out today

It’s hot as hell

And muggy too

I’m sweating so much

Do I really need a shower too?

We all stink

Of summer’s heat

But if we shower

We’ll be wetter neat

No breeze to dry me

No air-con for reprieve

A fan-less summer

Is not what I need

I do not remember

Feeling the humidity so

Is this an aging thing?

If so, then it can go.

I’m going back to being a child

They do not notice weather

They run around with not much on

Through sprinklers they sprint

And cool baths are rather fun

You can play with rubber duckies

No one casts a glance your way

If you go and roll in the hay

I’m going back to childhood

Where I don’t do much but play.

None of this darned adulating

I’m adulted out today.

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