Our box of emotions

The mind is not an ordered place

Even though some parts are

There is that box that’s called emotion

Anger, love, Fear and Joy

are often not so tidy.

The logic part is mathematics

It’s order is delightful

And them it comes to pesky feelings

And I am not so insightful

How do you tidy all that anger

How do you make it ordered

And as for fear

Don’t get me started

On somthing so irrational

There is no logic

There are no lists

And there certainly is no reason

And love is something we cannot do without

But sometimes it’s just unbalanced.

Oh for discipline and control

But when you add this desired traits

Into our box of Emotion

The mess that lives there

Day to day

Becomes way too explosive.

Emotions are not to be controlled

at best we should simply handle

Emotions are our wild and passion

Without whom we’d all be robots.

So draw or write or kick a ball

Have a scream into a wall

Let your emotions have their messy way

Lest they begin to rule the day.

And then our systematic parts

Can get the job done



Calm and smart.


via Daily Prompt: Messy

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