As I have my weekend lie in

A thought occurs to me

I have an assignment to write

I have revision sheets to read

I have a thousand things to do

But they do not appeal to me

I know that if I get up

And use this quiet time

My brain will feel much better

I can leave the work behind

I can enjoy my cross stitch

Or gardening and a run

I can enjoy my weekend

Spend some time in the warm autumn sun.

And yet I’d rather be writing

Or doing anything else

Than spending a quiet morning

Trying to engrose myself in my “real” job.

The head is foggy

I’d have to eat

And then I’d do the washing

All the while wasting energy

Convincing myself that I’d rather be free

Of school work for another weekend

Take the half day and get it done

Then tomorrow I spend time in the sun

Time with the family

When they are not busy

Get up, get up and just get it done

Get that school work under your thumb.

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