Better off left?

I often wonder why

We still insist to survive

When the world is clearly done

With those it is done with.

My mother told a tale

Of an infant quite some months old

This baby had been born

With fluid on the brain.

Now every two or three days

The brain did need to be drained

This infant could do nothing

Not feed, nor babble, nor move

And it’s prospect for the future

Was not a different one.

No hope of getting better

No hope of any improvement

All that draining the brain did

Was to lengthen “life”

But what is life if you just lie there

Are not capable of movement;

Are not capable of communication;

Are not capable of digesting.

My mother often wondered

If this baby was better off left

No brain draining to occur

No interference to be had.



We all have an endpoint

A time that we don’t know

A time when fate will call us

And we will have to go.

We can fight for the best out come

We can enjoy our life

What I don’t know the answer too

Is how long should we linger for?


I would hate to be without words

With no way to communicate

With no comprehension of the world

Locked up in my body,

Locked up in my head.

I could live without a limb

I could live without some organs

I could handle some level of pain

If I could ambulate my self some how

And interact with the world in some form

All this is fine

But if I could not talk to you

If I could not express

If I lose my brain

Then I wonder, would I be better off left?

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