The End of the day

It’s the end of the day

And I am tired

Drained and sapped

My spirit discharged

A hard day of work

Slogging over a computer

Crunching numbers

Responding to emails

Of other hard working folk

I am tired

I want a holiday

And yet the inside of me cringes

I think of my hard working farming relatives

Day after day

Up with the birds

Hard physical yakka

Til daylight’s end

And then there’s the worry

Of rain, crops and sales

A price drop

A crop glut

A plague of pests

Coming to them

I know that at the end of each day

I can feed my family

I can pay my bills

But what of those equally hardworking folk

That get paid only once or twice a year

And in some years don’t get paid at all.

I am tired, yet I get a weekend

I am tired, yet I get regular pay.

Worries and stresses seem less when you compare them

To someone who may be worse off this day.

One Comment on “The End of the day

  1. Felt so sad after reading your poem. Yes, there will always be someone who has it worse than you do, but that doesn’t negate the pain you’ re feeling.
    It doesn’t seem fair. You’re right to count your blessings, though. It helps put things in perspective. Life can be so hard sometimes. I’m sure you’re tired. Wish you could go on a vacation. Thinking of you. Sending you positive energy and feelings of well being. Namaste. ❤️


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