A path off your track

Life is an exploration

Waiting for us each day

There’s something as simple as the weather

To as changing as the day

You might think you have it all mapped out

What road you are going to take

But wham you are side swiped now

A detour or new road is at stake

Do you try resolutely

To get back on the path

Or do you accept gracefully

A new event in your daily life?

Life is about exploring

About packing so much in

For some life is a gentle journey

A ramble through a graceful park

Others have a varying race track

That they speed along at mach.

There is nothing more perfect

Than exploring life at your own pace

The hare or the tortise

Life is your journey

Complete it how you chose

But don’t forget to take

A path off your track, or two!

via Daily Prompt: Explore

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