Rainy sunshine

I look outside

My screened in window

If I angle it right

The houses that surround me

Will disappear out of sight

Leaving me with only

A precious veiw of sky and trees

A breeze pushes the gum tops aimlessly

Amongst the sky of rain clouds floating free.

Dispersed amoungst the rain clouds

Scattered patches of blue do fight

And the sun lights up the cloud tops

The ones that are in sight.

It is a day of rainy sunshine

Isolated dumping drops

And then the sun will warm the ground

Humidity will be in the tops

It is a last day of summer

Two months into our autumn season

Temps are still right up there hot

This day of rainy sunshine

So typical of my sub tropics

Prevents me mowing the growing lawn

Wet grass that barely dries

Before the next down fall of rain

Comes from the sunny sky.

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