Pretentious Peeps

I went to the gym one day

Don’t let that all shock you

I went to lift some puny weights

And got stuck amongst the monsters

“I don’t take anything to build my muscles”

Said a singlet clad muscle man proudly.

“Not like all those pretentious peeps”

“My girlfriend is a fitness trainer”

Another man chimed in.

“She thinks it’s great that I work out”

There was a pause, a set was lifted.

“We really are so great”

“We do the hard yards”

“We get the shape”

“And we don’t steroid or the like,”

I decided not long after this

At this level of conversation

That I could never match their weights

Nor their inane conversation

And perhaps the morning would be a better time

To pump my skant iron.

3 Comments on “Pretentious Peeps

  1. This is precisely why I don’t go to the gym. Fortunately, I have room for a treadmill and some weights and a yoga mat at home, so I don’t have to listen to this sort of nonsense (and no one sees how “pathetic” my workout is. :))

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