Tired Eyes

I wonder why eyes get tired

Tired of looking out

Tired of seeing

Tired of observing

Tired of life no doubt

Tired eyes reflect back at me

Although it is only early

Too early to bed

Too early to rise

Why give out on me so soon?

Did I over work you at the beach

Studying stand up paddle boarders?

Or was it the trawler leaving port

That caused you a case of exhaustion?

I know that my eyes demand a rest

And computer time just don’t cut it

So off to bed, my eyes to rest

I guess now I have an excuse

Let the stories run loose, no need for vision

Characters can frollick in waves of grass

Wars can wager, heros not victims

Evil dies and freedom rules

No vision needed, tired eyes can rest

A good excuse to daydream

And work on plots and story lines

‘Til I drift off to dreamland.

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