We have a history in Australia

Of our fighting men,

Stories are told, again and again

Of these soldiers and their woes

Of Simpson and his donkey

Every Aussie kid knows

And at a push we can tell you

That Kiwis, from across the ditch

Are also included in ANZACs

But there is something that we miss

Our indigenious Australians

Also did us proud

They fought for our flegdling country

And that’s something that we forgot

It’s our history

It’s not a mystery

They battled at Gallipoli

And battled at the Somme

One young man awarded medals

Signed by George the V

Yet when he returned home

He was unsung.

This is our shame

We should remember

We are a nation

All together



Lest we forget

Do not forget about the others

The ones we never hear of

Our Aboriginal Australians also fought for our lifestyle

Lest we forget.


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