Beach imagery

Beautiful water

Grey green, streaks of sand

Curl up to make cylindrical waves

Oh the song of pounding waves

The song of rushing water

Booooooom echos along the long shore break

Momentarily drowning other sounds

A pause, a moment, a not quite silence

Then the boooooom echos again.

Salt coats almost every surface

Fine cyrstals impeed the perfect view

Sunglasses smeared with salty spray

Windblown sand sticks to you

And yet the sand does not prevent

The pure enjoyment of watching waves

The colour varies, hard to capture

The sound is soothing every day

Gentle laps

Or thumping dumpers

We all enjoy the ocean’s shore

Crystal clear water sea green, sea blue

Sping time water waits for you

The water at the end of summer

Has a more greying hue.

I could get all scientific

But beauty is sometimes just beautiful

The beach, the ocean, nature’s perfection

I enjoy you, I truly do.

4 Comments on “Beach imagery

  1. I used to live 5 minutes from a lovely beach (in southern Ontario); visiting it regularly is the one (only!) thing I miss about my move to the country. While it wasn’t quite the ocean you so beautifully describe here, it did soothe my soul to sit on the beach and listen to the waves rolling in. Thanks for the memories.

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