Thank god, I’m not teaching

Today I sent up a prayer of thanks

As the skies openned

And rain bucketed down.

Thunder rumbled overhead

And gutters overflowed.

I thanked my diety of choice

That I was not in a classroom.

Twelve year olds are not that calm

When outside the rain is gushing.

They squeal and ponder ridiculous thoughts

About how they will all get home.

Forgetting that the day ends something like 3 hours from now.

You finally get them nice and teachable

Then the thunder strikes over head

And you are back to square one.

So today when it started raining

I had just finished with my class

Off to another teacher

Whilst I returned in comfort

To my dry and empty staff room and

I thanked God I was not teaching

Whilst the rain and storm came down.

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