Calm after the storm

There is a time I like the best

It’s such a peaceful time

The sky’s been very violent

It’s shook up trees and spooked the birds

It’s ripped out shrubs and unfortunate roofs

It’s cleaned the sky of polution

After the storm

The sky is clear

The light is different

Almost a golden hue

The sun you see

Peaks through a crack

The storm clouds spent and wasting

It’s late afternoon.

This is my favourite time

To sit and enjoy the chill

Fresh air, nice light

And peace.

Everything and every one breathing deep before they count the cost

Of the storm that shook the air clear.

3 Comments on “Calm after the storm

  1. Our “cost” (from the major wind storm of May 4th in southwestern Ontario) was one 100+ foot white pine uprooted and three others torn apart (one demolished completely; the others now missing the top 1/3 of their branches). “Fortunately” this all happened deep in our forest (so no damage to the house), but it sure is a mess!

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