My Mum

Mothers are amazing

They really are quite great

That is of course if you are lucky

To get one that makes fine cakes.

My mother used to bake

And decorate each year

One cake for each of us four

A birthday cake most dear

There was a Dolly Varden

And the mouse ran up the clock

Holly Hobby loomed quite larger there

And I guess there was a train

But more I don’t remember

And for that it is a shame.

Her talents did not stop there

She used to make us clothes

Fancy dresses, simple shorts

A quilt for each of us.

Then there was the pikelets

On a cold winter’s afternoon.

We’d come in red faced from riding

All the way from school

Hot pikelets on the chopping board

Butter and jam ready to go.

They were the best afternoons

Pity there was no snow.

She often used to stop and play

Instead of clean the house

And a common phrase for all of us

Was “Have you hugged your child today?”

Hugs were freely given,

Love and lots of food.

She didn’t stop her mothering

When we got out of school

She upped the anti and edited

University assignments

20 000 word thesis’

My mum was pretty darned cool.

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