I have a visitor today

I really do feel quite sorry

For busy is a busy does

And we can’t be more busy than today.

We’ve study, shopping, picking up kids

Cooking, baking and back to school

Exams are coming up for the students

Reporting for the teacher

I’ve got groceries to do

And washing in the basket too.

I feel so rude

I cannot find

A little bit of precious time

She’s come a ways

And normally wants to chat

But it turns out the visit was rather flat

My worry about my big long to dos

Was a waste of time and effort

On arrival our visitor unloads her bag

And promptly heads out the back

“I’m a little weary, I’ll just have a rest.”

At dinner did she present herself.

A good chat we all had

Then she excused herself again and headed back to the spare room shed.

She said Goodbye on Monday morn

Thanked us for the food and bed

And said she was quite happy

Not to stop and chat awhile

But she had wanted just to sleep and not to have a catch up.



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