We talk so much about entitled

Our entitled youth,

No need to work,

No need to learn,

Life is a smorgasboard of offers.

There is choice in what they study

There is choice in if they work

Each night and morn there is food galour

Clothes doth magically appear

And worn out ones disappear

Every so often rooms get cleaned out

So new stuff can appear

But I wonder how our youth would go

If it was all to disappear?

What if, what happens for the few

Happened for the masses?

What if the safety net evaporated?

How would our youth handle

Coming home one day

The fridge, freezer and pantry bare

The fruit bowl mysteriously empty?

How would they handle finding food?

Would they even know how to get it?

And if they could miraculously get money to go and buy it,

What would they do when they made it home?

Would they know how to cook it?

And what if there was no furniture

No bed to lie their head on

No computers or technlogy

No money left to play with

How would entitled youth survive?

What skills do they have to rely on?

An interesting experiement

And if this happened to me.

It’d take me about 3 months

To get the vege patch to thrive

So I guess that I’d be on a rapid weight loss diet.


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