Dark Dawn Hours

The mornings are getting darker now

I really don’t want to wake;

In the dark dawn hours

I much prefer to sleep.

Alas there is this thing called work

It is not based on sunshine.

The school bell rings at 8:30am

I have to have time to prep

I live a fair way away from work

There simply are no options

Thus dark dawn hours are closing in

And Winter’s chill is creeping

It’ll be a few months of rising up

In dark and cold conditions

Conversly becasue I am perverse

I much more enjoy my sleep ins

Listening to the world awake

At 6 is much more reasonable

Than summer time when birds waking up

Slip back to 4am.

So whilst the Monday to Friday dawn

Is not the one I am liking,

Weekend wakes

Dark dawn hours

Smiles will light across my face.



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