An unexpected fork

I now work in SEU

Special Education Unit

I am surprised to find myself

Immersed in this type of education

A student teacher I once was

My career path quite predictive

A few years as a classroom grunt

Then launched into Head of Department

A few years later I’d take the plunge

Into Administration

Alas a few weeks at a school

Had me concerned for the future

Deputy and Principalship

I did not want

I’d stick to pure education.

Ten years later

Classroom time is fun

But I am so over all the marking

An opportunity did pop up

In Special Education

Not once in any of my careers

Did I concider SEU an occupation –

For me.

One week in, I was in love

With this most interesting educational aspect.

And now I don’t have so much marking to do

Daily challenges and parent contacts

I quite happily sit an plot a new path

Sometime in the future

Head of Special Education 🙂


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