Bank Balance

It’s a dreary sort of day

A bird chirps in a tree

A car drives up the road

And I wish I could be free.

Life feels like a prison

With every day the same,

I do not forfil my dreams

Instead I follow a trodden path

Of shoulds and can’s and can’ts.

Should is quite frankly boring

And can and can’t are overrated

I’d really love to fly

To not turn up to work one day

And not give a reason why

I’d love to say no to bills

And eat Pizza breakfast, lunch and tea


I’d love to quit my job

Although I like it fine

I just want to be riducolous

And see if I could survive

To throw in all that security

And set off for worlds unfound

To have nothing more than a backpack

Laptop, and money galore

Perhaps that’s why I haven’t

Ever taken the plunge

I do not have the bank balance

To simply have that much fun.


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