Weekend Blues

I’m busy night and day

Five days of the long working week

I teach, plan, mark co-ordinate

Ring parents, visit students

and ocasionally get to grade.

I walk steps on the counter

That number close to 10 000

I cart packs and smile

Greeting each child

Then comes the weekend

And it’s slowed down pace

With it settles an unsettled feeling

So long I’ve been busy

That in this quiet morning retrieve

I have time to ponder, to rest and reflect

And that is not always for the best

Is my path right?

Which way should I go?

Should the path run straight forward,

Route obvious?

Or should I plunge down the temptation of a side road?

Take a jump off the cliff face and see where I fall?

Weekends allow time for doubt to creep in

Questions to pose with no answers that come

Along comes the week days

And I am back to my fun.

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