My own little erupting volcano

Teaching in a science Lab

Earth Science is not that exciting.

How can you demonstrate

Volcanic eruptions and plate tectontics?

Our Scientific Officer found an exciting prac

Settle some cold wax

In the bottom of a beaker

Layer it with sand and water

And add it to the refridgerator.

Get the students to boil the water

When it was nice and cold

And sit and watch that glass

Til it’s starting to get old.

Without any warning

Hot wax, erupts through sand

Quickly it cools down

Eruptive landforms thus created.

Now that seems all quite fun

And the students did enjoy.

Until one of the little sods

Decided to have a play

Wax ended up in the drain holes

And one thought it could be chewed like gum

Another decided to heat the sand to see if the beaker could break

Yeah Gods!

They turned a fun prac

Into my own little erupting volcano.



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