30 day challenge

Medical testing coming up

Preventative for sure

But just in case

I launched a job

30 days of fitness

30 days of healthy living

85 minutes of activity

12 000 steps each day to beat

Three strength sessions over the week

A swim per week in winter cold

Limit my bread to twice a week

And carbs to twice a day

No sugar added in anything

From chocolate I will refrain

Perhaps a glass of red will suffice

And put a hold on too much fruit

Lots of fish and veges

I’ll put my chompers into

And in a month once tests are done

Hopefully the results will make me smile

But even if something is found

I will have made a good start

To being a fitter and healthier me

My 30 day challenge to then continue

The trick, as many teachers will say

Is  not the healthy living

It’s managing on restrictive chocolate

Come the next end of term time 🙂


2 Comments on “30 day challenge

  1. Sounds like a great 30 day plan, but is it sustainable? I’ve found (over the years) that I need to make adjustments to my eating and fitness routines that I can maintain over the long haul; otherwise, I come to hate them and end up reverting to bad habits. Good luck with your tests!

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