Celebrating healthy?

I simply cannot remember

How many days I am into my health kick

I am not yet in the double digits

I am, somewhere, I hope past the sixth.

Perhaps it is my seventh day

And things are going surprisingly well

We had the end of term party

No sugar did I partake of.

I ignored the oreo muffins

And the lemon drissle cake

I did not touch the chocolates,

Nor the cranberry crackers and quince paste.

I stuck with the fruit and sushi and a small slice of vegetarian slice


No celebratory end of term wine

Greeted me at the door when I got home.

I did not crave a chocolate

I did not want a drink.

So today I was taken by surprise

When a relative gave me a call.

You see he’s getting married

That is something worth celebrating

But I have spent my life celebrating

With chocolates, wine and sweet cakes


How do you plan to celebrate

When all those things are out?

Guess I will have to be creative

With dinner now tonight.

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