Holidays are over

Holidays are over

This is my favourite time of year

The nights are built for snuggling

The days for glorious sun.

The sun is warm yet does not burn

The skies are satisfyingly blue

Clouds rarely mar the air

And rain is never near.

I live outdoors after 9am

I ride and walk and kayak

Anything I can do to explore

The world in which I live in.

Today we road a railway track

And found ourselves in a tunnel

A cool wind blew through the curve

The ground was damp and dark

Not one bit of it, you could see

Notices announced a bat colony

Roosting above the high curved ceiling

There was nought to do but keep peddling

Dory’s song inside my head

Next time I will bring a lamp

Just so I can see what horrors I rode on.

Monday I am back at work

To long for sunshine out the windows

I wonder how many outside classes

I can get my maths students to go on!

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