Updating the family tree

My mother was a legend

She did not get distracted

She researched all the families

And created the family tree.

When she was sick and dying

She got a promise from thee

To keep on researching

The rather large family tree,

Some years have past

And time has wasted

No researching have I done

However some elder branches

Have fallen off the family tree

My aim right now is updating

The deaths, births and weddings

So at least when I start researching

I’ll have an updated family tree.

2 Comments on “Updating the family tree

  1. I’m the one in our family who undertook the research (after both Mom and Dad had passed); there were a lot of “secrets” no one talked about, so its been a challenge but I’m enjoying it. The only “downside” is getting sucked in and losing track of the time! Good luck (at least you had a starting point!)

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    • You really do get involved and forget about time. I am lucky I have a couple of people from both sides of the family that can teach me what to do.


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