A child cries out for love

In different ways

They smile

They laugh

They chuckle

They rest a sad, tear stained face upon

A caring nearyby adult.

The lucky child

Sees all theses things

And knows what comfort a hug brings

They know the right way to call out

A cry for help is answers,

A not quite so lucky child

Might end up

Under Government protection

But there are still more lonesome souls

Deprived of love or even attention

These children do not fall through cracks

They are not even noticable on the sidewalk

These children might have some food and a bed

But not the slightest bit of attention.

How does a child go unnoticed

In a house filled with others.

How does a child go unnoticed

A week long lost and homeless

2 Comments on “Sadness

    • That is the biggest issue I have with teaching – some students are so far lost in the cracks that no about of digging will get them out.


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