The wee hours

I toss and turn

I’ve work to do

Marking maths

And writing too

I’ve got an assignment

That’s almost due

I feel like I’ve nothing

Else to do.

I toss and turn and finally give in

Plug in my computer

And the day begins

Read those articles

Found one exhausted night

Write my analysis

Everything is finally going right

Four hours later

It’s 7am

Editted and culled

My assignment is done

Now the day can begin 🙂


2 Comments on “The wee hours

  1. I retired from teaching 8 years ago and I STILL have nightmares (especially at this time of year, when its “back to school” time in Canada) where I’m going to be late for class, I don’t have a lesson prepared, I can’t find the room, etc. I can SO relate to this!


    • And I was hoping that when I got out of the school system (eventually) I would give up thinking about it! Oh well, just as long as I don’t forget that I am retired and turn up to school one day 🙂


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