Oh Postgraduate

I’ve always wanted a Masters

Of what, I did not care.

I’ve dreamed and looked up courses

And plotted as I dared.

Now I’ve finally started.

Two assignments in.

The joy has started to wear – a little thin.

I still quite like the study

I love reading and research

And happily I’ll type notes

Write notes


My problem is another one

Work and life get in the road

When I want to study

I have to be at work or down the road

It’s harder than I thought

Finding the time for me

To let my brain delve deeply

Into reading difficulties.


6 Comments on “Oh Postgraduate

  1. My best friend tried doing her Masters (MBA) while teaching (at an Ontario Community College) full time and found it impossible to do both. She took a one year sabbatical in order to devote her time to finishing her degree. It was a bit of a sacrifice but worth it in the end; she doesn’t think she ever would have finished if she hadn’t taken the year off from teaching.


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