I have wonderful friends

They are bright and kind and cheerful

Spending time with them

Makes my dramas fade away

It is always fanastic

To catch up with distant folk

The ones that mean so much to me

That tolerate my remotes

I can get quite isolated

Not by force but by my choice

I find I need my me time

After dealing with so many folk

By the end of term I am drained

Empty of brains and emotions

The thought of conversations

Stimulating or other kinds

Just leaves me hollow and sunken

A shell with nothing inside.

I force myself to be social

To not cut off friends dear

But I can admit to dreading

Visits from these friends I fear.

One day it will be different

One day I’ll look forward to with love

And passion and excitement

but for now

Finding conversation of any kind is hard

To string the words together

Coherence I fail to find.


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