She is burning


She is burning

Both on the ground and in the air.

100 plus bush fires devouring

Any grass tree or gum in their paths.

Up and down the coast line

From Brisbane down south,

To way north of Cairns,

Smoke haze fills the sky.

Almost 7000 km available to burn

In this most unusual heatwave

That’s sucking water from everywhere.

Normally at this time of year,

Yes Queensland’s all a swelter

We bitch and moan and hide out

In our refrigerated air.

The humidity is something fierce

Sweat pours out of all our skin

And drips in the most uncomfortable

Places – it can be embarrassing.

This time, it’s some what different

The weather’s in reverse

There is no clouds to mar the sky

No welcome fall of rain

The humidity is so very low

It is just pure and burning heat.

Bring back some gastly humidity

To bring the rain and it’s relief.


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