Why do I work all day

Family in the afternoon

Study for 3 hours each night?

Turn out the light exhausted

And promptly drift to sleep?

I wonder why each night

As I set up for my effort

Dragging my tired brain

Logging on to an online lecture

In person, lectures often

Sent me off to quiet dream time

Now I am voluntarily .

Logging on, with no one to see

Sound on mute

Eyes struggling to stay open

Camera on, just so that I cannot fall asleep.

Why do I put myself through this nightly?

A bucket list idea,

I simply want a Masters, not a PhD!

The truth,

I enjoy the study

Despite the weary eyes

Learning new information

New fasinating ideas

Broadening the mind

Challenging perspectives

Getting that grey matter

To seek out ways to improve

It’s sometimes much more fun

Than that fortnightly paycheck

So tomorrow, I’ll look forward

To the next topic on the list

And I guess I’ll keep on studying

A bit longer now at least.

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