I am defeated

As I sit here on a morning

Before the day has really hit

I am peaceful but I’m sad

Thinking of the kids I’ve missed.

I know I cannot do it all

That I can only reach a few

But I think of the students

Who flew on courses unprotected

To fly out of the school

Suspended yet again

Who we knew of the hardships

But what were we do do?

Teachers cannot control the world

We only have the classroom,

Playground maybe, lunchroom too

We cannot do much about homelife.

And when a child is so wrapped up

In the crap that happens there

To battle through the concrete walls

The re-enforced steel plating

We can but chip, and chip away

Providing what we hope

Are positives and a bit of light

But something more we cannot do

The wall is tall and deep and thick

The lining just as wicked

A child locked up inside their mind

My hammer and chissle are defeated.


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