I flee exhausted

I am tired and exhausted

And it’s only the start of Term 2

This teaching gig is getting kind of tough.

I bust my guts

Day in day out

And seem to fight the undefeatable

I am tired and exhausted

It’s not yet 7pm

I could curl up before dinner

And let the tireness win.

The days seem to repeat

An endless cycle of the same

And I know that seems quite strange

Teaching changes day to day

I turn up at 7ish am

And rush relentlessly

Even if I stop for lunch, even if I take a pee

I rush, I rush, I rush some more

Until I flee exhausted.

I return home nothing left in the bank

To turn around and do it all again.

2 Comments on “I flee exhausted

  1. Teaching used to be a very rewarding career. Now? Not so much. Too many challenges, too many self-entitled students, too much “technology” interfering with teaching, too much “politics” (vs. actually teaching what students needs to know in a way that engages them and actually TEACHES them something). I’m glad I got out when I did (2010). I’m not sure I could have handled it much longer. I don’t know how you do it.


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